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Task 1

Saltaire was founded by Sir Titus Salt, a woollen textiles manufacturer who moved his entire business from Bradford - partly to provide better living and working conditions for his workers, and partly to site his large mill by a canal and a railway.  The illustration below shows the open countryside in which the mill was built, before completion of the whole village in 1876.


Your task this week is to focus on the model village that Titus Salt built back in the 1800's. I would like you to research 'Saltaire' and find out how and why it was made. I have added some links below that you could start with. 

Try and find facts relating to theses questions. 

- Where is it? 

- When was it built? 

- Why was it built? 

- What did it include? 

- What did it look like?

- What were the positives of the village? 

- How did it change peoples lives?

*Next week we will look at how the village has changed to modern day life in 2020 so just look for facts based on the 1800's*

Mrs Corcoran