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Virtual Trip to Chester Zoo

Our Trip To Chester Zoo!!!


This week, we are going to imagine that we are going on a trip to Chester Zoo! 

We are going to think about all the different animals and their habitats and see what we can learn. 


Use the activities below to help you with your virtual trip.


Check out this link daily for online tours of the zoo:

To start with, we are going to try and find our way round the Zoo! 


Use the map below to see if you can find all the animals / places in the list on the left.  Can you see them on the map? 


Also, can you find: 

  • Elephant bridge
  • Butterflies
  • The Oakfield
  • Wildlife Wood


Use the map to plan your route and make sure you see your favourite animals. 


Challenge - Can you create a map of your house and garden?

Recording Wildlife

Now, we are going to think about some of the animals that you might have seen in and around the zoo. 


Some of these animals might also be in your local park, on a local walk or in your garden. 


Watch this video to explain how to complete the 'animal finding sheet' and then complete the sheet. You can do this a few times over the week to see what different animals you see at different times. 


Did you find anything different during the day compare to at night? 

What animals did you see when it was cold out? 

What animals did you see when it was hot outside?


Still image for this video

Recording Wildlife Sheets

Bird Spotting


Using what you have learnt on your Wildlife spotting, we are now going to see if you can watch for specific things. 


Can you spot all the birds on this sheet.  If you can, try and take a picture (you'll have to be quick) and add your pictures onto the blog.


What other birds can you find?

Can you find the names of them?

Add pictures onto the blog for others to see?


Challenge - Make your own bird spotting sheet from pictures of birds you have taken.

Build your own Zoo!


Now we have looked at a map of the zoo, spotted some different wildlife and we have found different birds living in and around our gardens. 


Use this youtube channel to watch some of the VIRTUAL TOURS of Chester Zoo!


Here you will see some of the different animals that they have at the zoo and how they look after them. 


What animals would you like in your own zoo?


Use the sheet below to help you design your own zoo. 

Animal Research. 


Use the internet to have a look at some different animals that you would like to have in your zoo. 


Use the sheets below to help you when looking for you animals. 


Animal Fact File

Find out facts about different animals - Use the sheet to help you ask questions on the internet to find out information. 


Animal Alphabet

Can you find an animal that starts with each letter of the alphabet?

Which was the easiest?

Which was the hardest? 

Which ones did you want in your zoo? 


Rainforest in a box

Read the instructions to help you make your own rainforest.

What animals would live in this habitat? 

What type of habitat is it? 


Animals in Danger

Finally, now we have learnt lots about different animals, watch this video (song) at this link to find out about different connections we can make in our habitats and wildlife areas.


Lots of animals are getting fewer and fewer and soon will no longer exist. They are becoming extinct. 

Use this song to think about ways you can help the wildlife near you.


Below is a sheet to show you some different ways that you can help wildlife. You could try making some of the different habitats. 


There are also some instruction sheets on how to make different animal habitats. Enjoy! 


For more fun activities and things to explore, visit Chester Zoo's website:

How to make a bug hotel

Still image for this video

How to make a toad abode

Still image for this video