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Science - Part 2

What kinds of things did you get? 


I'm sure many of you thought of things like food, water, TV, phones etc. 


Actually, there is a difference between things we 'need' and things we 'like' to have. 


There are only a few small things that we need in order to keep on living. These are: 


Food, water, shelter and air. 


All the other things we have help us to enjoy our lives but we don't need them. 


Take a look at the slideshow to learn a little more. 

We will be looking at 2 main types of Habitat. 


Local habitats and micro-habitats. 


You have just learnt about local habitats.  These are the places where we live. 


Take a look around your habitat (where you live). 

Make a list of all the things around you that you NEED to survive (remember these are the things that keep you alive)



Now, make a list of the things that you have around you that help you to enjoy your life / make you happy. 

Can you a see a difference?


Finally, we are going to take a look at the pictures below that show some different 'local habitats' and the kinds of animal which live there. 

What similarities / differences can you see in each of the habitats. 

What is similar / different about the living things that are there?