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We have already been learning about different habitats. 

We have looked at local and micro-habitats. 

This week we are going to learn about 'world habitat's. 


What do you think a 'world habitat' is?


Across the world we have several larger habitats that are suitable for certain types of animals. 

These habitats are very specific and may be home to thousands of different creatures. 


Read the information below and answer the questions at the end. 

Think about these different animas and the habitats that they live in. 


Think about the things they need to live there.


I would like you to research some different animals and their habitats. 


There are some ideas out there on what habitat you could make in your own garden to help an animal to survive, thinking about all the things it needs. 


Pick an animal and create a habitat for that animal in your garden.

(Use ideas on the internet to help you)


Put pictures on the blog of your habitat and tell us about what you have put in it and why.