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We have been learning about different types of habitats. 


Today we are going to learn about microhabitats and what lives in a microhabitat. 


Read the information below to learn more. 

Can you find a microhabitat in your garden or near your home? 


What kind of microhabitat did you find?

What creatures did you find living there?

How would you describe the habitat?


Use the sheet below to identify all the creatures you have found in the microhabitats around your garden. Colour in a block for each creature to make yourself a block graph.



Now, take a really close look at 1 or 2 of the micro habitats that you have found. 


What do they look like? 

Can you describe them? 

What is living there? 

What can you see there for the creatures to eat? 


  • Draw the micro habitat including the creatures.
  • Label this to show the different parts.
  • Describe this habitat. 


You can use the sheet below to help you or make one of your own.