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Living things and their habitats


This half term we are going to be looking at living things and their habitats. 

Have a look at the knowledge organiser below to see what we will be learning about. 


Complete the KWL grid to see what you already know and what you would like to find out. 


Remember, only fill in the first 2 columns. 


K - Knowledge

Complete this section with what you already know about living things and their habitats. 


W - What I would like to know

Complete this section with questions that you would like to ask about the different living things and their habitats


L - Learning

Leave this section as we will complete what we have learned at the end. 

Read through this slideshow. 


When you have read through.  Choose an object that follows all the rules for 'Mrs Gren'. 


Explain on your sheet how your thing does all of the living processes. 

Now we are going to look at the difference between things that are alive and dead. We will also look at things that have never been alive. 


Read through this slideshow. 


When you have read the slideshow, Choose an item and draw this.  Then explain if it is 'alive', 'dead' or 'never been alive'.  Explain how you know this.