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Science - Planting Experiment


Hi all! Here we are again with our plants! 

I have to say I am a little disappointed with some of the seeds, I really thought they would do more. However, I am REALLY EXCITED about the one that is growing the best! See for yourself underneath!


Remember -fill in those charts to say what you can see and what has changed. 


I have attached the results table again in case you need it! 


Happy observing!

Plant 1 - Sun and Water

Plant 2 - Sun - NO Water

Plant 3 - Shade and Water

Plant 4 - Shade and NO Water

Plant 5 - Cold and Water

Now we have looked at our plants and watched them grow over the last few weeks, we are going to write up the results. 


We still have a week left on the table so we will fill this in next week, but for now we need to write up what we have seen so far. 


On the document below, complete each section. 

On the first page, fill in what has happened to each plant. 


Plant 5 did not seem to grow at all.  I saw that the seed had swollen and got a little bigger but there were no shoots coming out of this seed. I don't think this was a good way to grow the seed. 



On the second page, finish the sentences to explain what you think / have seen over the weeks. 


In the last paragraph, explain what plants need to grow and how each of these things help them (you may need to research this to give a good explanation).