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Living Things and Their Habitats: Classification.


To start with today, I would like you to reflect on your experiment from last week. Look at your two slices of bread and draw a diagram to show how they look now. What do you notice about your results and your observations? Is there more mould on one slice of bread? Why do you think the mould grew better in this condition? Use your results to answer your investigation question. Finally, make a list of the different conditions that cause mould to grow.


Today we are going to continue from last week and learn more about microorganism. Watch the YouTube video below to find out about the different types of microorganism.

Microorganisms | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids

Now you know about the classification of microorganisms, go through the PowerPoint to find out about their cells and how they are structured.


You are going to design your own single-celled microorganism. Think about which type of microorganism it will be. Will it be eukaryotic (fungi, animals and plants) or prokaryotic (bacteria)? Perhaps it will be a fungus, with a nucleus containing its DNA. Or maybe it will be a bacterium, with its DNA free within the cell.


To design your microorganism I would like you to get creative with what you have in the house! You might want to use playdough or salt dough to create your model. Maybe you would prefer to use pipe cleaners and tissue paper, or you could simply draw and colour your microorganism. Here are some images you might use for inspiration!

Once you have created your microorganism, make a fact file for it stating it’s classification (bacteria, fungus etc), whether it is harmful or helpful to humans (maybe it could fight off Corona virus!) and what it’s uses or effects are. If you would like, you can use the sheet below to complete your task on or you can make your own version. 

Post your microorganism on the blog once you are done – I can’t wait to see your creations.

Miss Riley