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Can you match the words to their definition? The key words are from the past couple of lessons.

Science Experiment - Looking After Your Teeth

Today we are going to start looking at a science experiment. Don't worry you don't need to have all the equipment ready today. You are going to read the method and make a prediction today, and then on Friday you are going to set up the experiment. 


You're going to study what happens to egg shells over 5 days when you put them in different liquids. We are using egg shells because they are made of a similar material to teeth, so will react to the liquids in a similar way. 


You will need: 

- enough egg shell to put in 5 different liquids

- half a cup of cola, milk, fruit juice, water and vinegar.


Read the sheet for more information and then write your prediction. Why don't you share your prediction on the blog?