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Planting Experiment - Week 2


If you have read my blog, you will know that there was a little accident with some of the plants! sad


But its ok...... yes....... When Mrs Whincup checked the pots, there was actually nothing growing....frown


However, at the same time as planting these seeds, Mrs Whincup also did a back-up! angel and we have these ones to look at now...... and they have started to grow laugh


Watch the video below to see what is happening to our 'new' seeds.  We are going to continue with our sheets from last week and continue filling in week 2! 


I have re-attached the results table incase you need it!


Happy watching! 

Planting Experiment - Week 2 - SD

Still image for this video

Panting Experiment - Results Table

Life Cycle of a plant

To help us understand our experiment a little more, we are going to look at the life cycle of a plant. 


Can you remember any life cycles of animals?

(frog, chick)


Have a look at the powerpoint below to show you what happens during the life cycle of a plant. 

Now you have read about the different stages, complete the sheet below to show the order of a sunflower life cycle and then write some sentences to explain this. 



Can you research a different plant and find pictures to show its life cycle?