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Our new science topic for this half term is.... 

Living Things and Their Habitats: Classification.


Task 1 - Starter

You last learnt about classification in Year 4. Can you remember what it means to classify living things? Make a mind map of what you already know about classification. You can use the template below if you would like or you can draw your own mind map. Share you mind maps on the blog once you have finished.

Task 2

Look at the PowerPoint below to learn about classification.

Look at the zoo animals on the list below.

  • How many different ways can you classify them?
  • What 2 groups could you start with?
  • How could you break these two groups down further?

Look at the image below for an example.

You could either record your ideas as a diagram or print the animals out and put them into groups. Share your ideas on the blog!

Task 3 

Have a look around your home or garden. What could you classify? What groups could you start with? What smaller groups could you split the items into? Take pictures and share your ideas on the blog.