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In Year 1, you learnt about some different types of plants and trees. 

Can you name any of these plants? If not, can you find out what they are?

You may find some of them in your garden, or out on a walk.


Create a blog with some photos to show me which plants you have found.... 

What other plants can you find in and around your garden or when you go out for a walk / exercise? 


Find out what they are called and show me some pictures on the blog. 


Science - Planting


This term we are going to be looking at plants and growing. 

Before we do any work, I would like you to think about what you already know. 

We have done one of these grids before, and I would like you to write down your ideas. 


K - Knowledge

What do you know about plants, growing and living things?

Write down all your ideas in this section. 


W - What would you like to know

In this section, I would like you to think about all the questions you would like to ask about plants, growing and living things. Write your questions down for this section. This might be questions that you learn about in the next few weeks, or questions you could research yourself. 


L - Learning

You can leave this section blank for now and we will come back to it at the end. 


The document is below if you would like to complete your ideas on the document. 



KWL Grid

Knowledge Organiser


Just like we have in school, here is our Knowledge Organiser for our new Science unit - Plants. 


On here, you will find key vocabulary, what you should already know from Year 1 and what we will be learning about in this unit in Year 2. 


There are also some key questions for you to think about and some pictures to help you. 


Remember.... you can always look up some of the information yourself to help you with your learning!


Now we are going to do a little experiment. 

Watch the video to find out what...... 


When you have watched the video, use the document to write a prediction as to what you think will happen. 


You could have a go at this experiment yourself at home, if you have all the items. 

You will need:

  • Some tubs for the seeds (plant pot / yoghurt pot / small bowl)
  • Some soil 
  • Some seeds (from a packet / from flowers / from an orange / from a tomato / from other fruit)
  • Water


Remember to ask your grown up before you use any of the items above.  

Planting Experiment

Still image for this video