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School trip 2

Our topic next term is looking at ' Pirates'.

Pirates are known to have parrots as friends.

Activity 1

What can you find out about the parrots at Chester zoo?


Here are some links to facts about tropical birds.


Can you make a fact sheet about one of the interesting birds found at Chester Zoo?

Here is an activity sheet to help you map your work.


You could have a go at drawing one of the parrots and Fred talk words to write a few sentences in your work book.

Animal fact sheet

Activity 2

Now you have mastered writing a fact sheet about a parrot,  Can you find out about another exciting animal at Chester zoo?

Research the website to learn about one of the interesting animals and surprise us with a mini project of your own. This could be as tiny or as big as you like.


You may wish to use the previous activity sheet to write a fact file; make a small model or diorama with that animal, or simply paint/collage a picture of the animal.

Here are some ideas to help.




Don't forget to upload your fantastic work onto the blog! We can't wait to see how creative you have been!!

Other fun activities at Chester Zoo you may like to try:


Make a butterfly.


Build a Hedgehog house.