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School trip 1

As it is Spring Bank holiday, we thought that it might be nice to have a 'virtual' school trip.This week’s trip is to  CHESTER ZOO!

Have you ever been to a zoo? I wonder what you will see?


We will ask you to watch some of the virtual videos that have been filmed whilst you have been at home. Then there will be some fun activities to complete. Have fun!!laugh

Activity 1


When we visited Lotherton Hall, we saw these fantastically weird looking pigs! Do you remember?

Watch the video up to about 6 mins, and answer a few questions.

🎥 VIRTUAL ZOO DAY 6 LIVE: Punk rocker pigs 🐷🎸

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Visayan pigs Quiz

1. What is the nickname for Visayan pigs?


2. Can you name 3 foods the Visayan pigs are eating today?


3. How old is " Trey" the pig?


4. Why do you think the pigs have a funny hair do?


5. What is the smallest pig at Chester zoo called?


Can you create some artwork of your favourite pig you see, and upload it to our blog.

You could paint, collage or even make a 3D model using boxes.

Here are some art ideas that you could change? What could you add to make the funny hair do?


Now have some fun bu playing some of the games on Chester zoo website.


What animal are you?


Did you have a go? I was a Lion!!!laugh


Crocodile Snap