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Remote Learning

Please find all the information you will need to access Google classroom for the remote learning.

Home Learning Support

As we continue to live with the current pandemic, we are faced with the continued challenge of finding ways to deliver the curriculum whilst children are not in school. Since September, we have seen children going home because they, their siblings (or other family members) have to self-isolate. This can be for 2-3 days or up to 14 days. We also know it is taking up to and beyond 48 hours for family members to get a test result.


We know our children have come back to school with a thirst for learning and we want this to continue. We also know there is a level of frustration amongst parents, staff and pupils at the length of time they need to be off whilst waiting for a test.


Because of this we have continued our pledge to provide high quality learning for children at home.


In addition to the remote learning provided by their teachers, we have also compiled key resources relevant to our pupils with special educational needs and their unique learning journeys – these material packs are being sent home in readiness of their necessity.


Along with this, there are several resources and activities below which you can use to support your child’s learning at home: