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Religious Education

  1. Which image shows Jesus as a human? Why?
    1. The image that shows Jesus as a human is the one where he looks like a shepherd and is holding a lamb, because he is wearing normal clothes and doing a normal human job.
  2. Which shows him as a saviour? Why?
    1. The image that shows Jesus as a saviour is the one on the left because he is floating and surrounded by people who are looking up to him.
  3. Define the word "messiah".
    1. Messiah means someone that God promised to send to Earth to save mankind.
  4. Who thinks Jesus is a messiah? Who doesn't? 
    1. Christians and Muslims think Jesus is the messiah. Most Jewish people do not think he was, but some Messianic Jews think that Jesus was the messiah.
  5. What is the importance of the messiah for Christians?
    1. Christians think that Jesus died on the cross and then rose from the dead to save mankind from their sins, so that God would not be angry. He would save the Jewish people from being slaves and subjects of other people and let them be free.
Mr Manion