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Reading Comprehension

Amazing Facts about the Human Body
  • Your heart beats around one hundred thousand times per day. This means that in one year it has pumped around three million litres of blood around your body.
  • Your nose can tell the difference between one trillion different smells.
  • The acid inside your stomach, that helps you to digest food, can actually dissolve metal.
  • The smallest bone in the human body can be found inside the ear. It is called the stapes (or stirrup) bone and it is only around three millimetres long.
  • Your nose and ears continue growing throughout your entire life.
  • As well as having unique finger prints, all humans also have unique tongue prints!
  1. What do you think the word ‘unique’ means?

  2. What are the two names for the smallest bone in the human body?

  3. Give one reason why the author may have chosen to use bullet points to present this information.

  4. Why do you think the author chose these particular facts?