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  1. List all of the characters in this scene.
  2. What is a musket?
  3. But the pirates give up the fight - for now

What do the words ‘for now’ suggest about how the pirates are feeling?

  1. Read the extract: But the pirates give up the fight - for now. Jim and the others exchange news It turns out that the stockade they’re in was built many years ago by Captain

Flint as a stronghold if ever he should be attacked. Squire Trelawney and the others just beat Silver and the pirates to it - though they lost a couple of good

men in so doing. They managed to salvage enough guns, ammunition and food from the ship to keep them going for a couple of weeks but not much



Do you think Squire Trelawney has been victorious over Silver?


  1. What do you think a flag of truce is?
  2. Why do you think that Captain Smollet is unhappy with Captain Silver?
  3. What does desertion mean?
  4. Can you think of three questions of your own to ask your reader?