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Our theme in R.E. this half term is community and belonging: Islam


Our key question is “Does going to Mosque give Muslim’s a sense of belonging?”



Lesson 1


Think about these questions:


  1. Who is a leader? (who leads a school, a football team, a family, a country?)
  2. What makes them a good leader?
  3. What do leaders do?



Draw a picture of a leader and write words around them to describe what you think makes them a good leader.



The Prophet is a leader for Muslims. Prophet Muhammad is such a special leader that he has nearly 2 billion followers who respect him. More than 1400 years ago he taught all Muslims how to follow God. He is so special that when Muslims talk about him, when they say his name they say, “Peace be upon Him”, and when they write his name they put the letters PBUH after his name.


Read this story of Muhammad and the Cat:


It was a very hot day. Muhammad sat down in the shade of a date-palm tree and began talking to friends. He was wearing a long cloak which covered the ground when he sat down When he went to stand up he noticed that a mother cat had brought her kittens and placed them on the corner of his cloak. The mother started to feed her kittens. Muhammad looked at them and gave thanks to Allah who created all living creatures. Then he…….


What do you think he did?

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