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This half term we have been thinking about the following question: 


Does completing Hajj make a person a better Muslim?


This week I want you to think carefully about that question.


I want you to think about both sides. 


Yes, I think completing Hajj makes a person a better Muslim because...................


No, I don't think you need to complete Hajj to be a good Muslim because....................




  • During Hajj, Muslims come together to pray
  • Muslims pray at home or at Mosque
  • Do Muslims come together somewhere other than Hajj?
  • Hajj is something they remember forever
  • Some Muslims believe the experience helps them to keep their faith. 
  • On Hajj, Muslims walk seven times around the Kabaa just like the Prophet Mohammed
  • Hajj is something Muslims aim to do at least once in their lifetime (if they are able)
  • Hajj is believed to be a cleansing process for forgiveness
  • How else do Muslims ask for forgiveness?