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How do religions help people live through good times and bad times?

People may thank their God during the good times in their life. Can you think why? Those who thank God for the good times are grateful towards him. Some believe that be living a ‘Life of Gratitude’ it can lead to a happier and healthier life, whether you are religious or not. 

Read Psalm 103. How does this link to God and gratitude?

Think now about all the things you are grateful for in life. Perhaps these have changed in recent months because of all the alterations that have been made to our daily lives. Can you list 10 things that you are grateful for everyday? As an extra challenge, try explaining why.


We would like you to recreate the image below, but holding the things you are grateful for in your hands. You may choose to draw your own open palms or print out the template to use. Inside the palms, add drawings of the things you are grateful for. If you are at home, you could print out, or find images in newspapers and magazines, of things you are grateful for and glue them onto your picture.

Don’t forget to share your finished art work on the blog!