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We are starting a new topic for our last half term in R.E. Your final key question of the year is….

How do religions help people live through good times and bad times?

Have a think about this question. What would be your response? Can you think of an example of when religion helps you through the good times of your life? How might it help when things get difficult?

Today we are going to focus the role of ‘light and dark’ in religion. Can you think what light and dark could represent? Do you know any religious festivals that are centred on light? 

In the Jewish religion, the festival of Hanukah focuses on struggling against evil and light as a symbol of goodness. Look at the PowerPoint below to find out more.

Your task is to create a ‘mosaic’ style picture of the Hanukiah, just like this image below.

The image below is of the menorah which is found in the ancient Temple. Outside of the Temple, people use the 9 branch Hanukiah. 

Follow these instructions to create your masterpiece:

  1. Draw the Hanukiah or print out the template (don’t forget to add the flames).

2. Add lines in the background to create your mosaic pieces.

3. Colour in your Hanukiah – remember it represents the light so the colours should reflect this. You want it to be bolder than the background.

4. Colour in your mosaic pieces – these should be lighter shades so the most important part of your picture, the Hanukiah, stands out. 


Share your finished picture on the blog – we can’t wait to see them!