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How do Christians today try to follow Jesus’ teaching about justice and fairness? The example of Mother Teresa


Today we are going to learn about an important figure in Christianity, Mother Teresa. Have you heard of her before? Don’t worry if not, you are going to find out all about her!


First, watch the YouTube video to learn briefly about her life.

Mother Teresa (Biography for Children)

Jesus taught ‘Whoever wants to be the first must be the last of all, must be the servant of all’ to his disciples. When he said this he wasn’t just speaking about justice and fairness for everyone, but making sure his followers practise it too.

Mother Teresa followed this teaching of Jesus. Watch the YouTube video to listen to her recite this prayer.

Make us worthy, Lord

Which prayer does it sound similar to? Is it fair that every person on earth should have food, drink, a home and a chance in life? What does her prayer say about sharing, fairness and kindness?



Create an information poster about Mother Teresa explaining how she followed Jesus’ teachings about justice and fairness in her life. You might want to use the quotes below, all of which are things Mother Teresa said.

Don’t forget to share your posters on the blog.

Miss Riley