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Last week you created a poster explaining what the Resurrection was and why it is important to Christians. Today we are going to continue thinking about this.


Task 1: Click the link below to find out who Desmond Tutu is.

Desmond Tutu received many threats, including death threats, in the 1980s, for his fearless opposition to racism in South Africa. He said that he was not scared to continue to speak out: ‘What can they do to me? They could kill me. But death is not such a terrible thing, for a Christian.’


Task 2: Here are some extracts from the Bible. Read each of them and think about how they offer comfort and hope to Christians.

Answer the following question in your book: Why is it that many Christians feel that the resurrection of Jesus means that death is not the end?

Task 3: Write a letter to Desmond Tutu either agreeing or disagreeing with his statement that death is not such a terrible thing for a Christian. Think about what evidence you are basing your opinion on and explain this clearly in your letter.