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Rainforest in a Box

Rainforests are one of the most important habitats on Earth – they may cover less than 6% of the Earth’s land-surface, but they are home to around half the animal and plant species on the planet!


Chester Zoo is home to some to some species that you may find in rainforests around the world. Watch the video to find out which animals you can find during your visit:

Which rainforest animals are at Chester Zoo?

It also completes conservation work to protect animals in rainforests around the world. Watch the video below to find out about their work with chimpanzees in Nigeria.

What does Chester Zoo do in the rainforests of Africa?

Rainforests are made up of different layers: each one has different animals and vegetation that inhabit it. Can you remember the different layers? Look through the PowerPoint below to find out about the characteristics of each layer.


We would like you to make a 'Rainforest in a Box', making sure you clearly show each layer! All you need to start is a box and then let your imagination go wild with nature and craft materials.

Thing you might find useful:

  • A box (a shoe box or something similar).
  • A selection of twigs and sticks (different thicknesses and lengths, but they need to be able to fit inside the box)
  • A selection of leaves, moss and other natural materials. Coloured tissue paper (ideally, brown and green)
  • Thick paper or card (ideally, green)
  • PVA glue, sticky tack or tape
  • Poster paints (black/green/brown/yellow/white)
  • String or garden twine
  • Paper and pens/pencils


Below are instructions of how to create your rainforest in a box and some animals you may want to include. Post a picture of your finished rainforest on the blog.

There is also a wordsearch of the key vocabulary associated with rainforests for you to complete (if you would like to!).