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In PSHE over the next couple of weeks, I think it is a good idea to start to talk about and focus on Transition. Both myself and Miss Riley have spoken to a lot of parents over the past couple of weeks and they have said that this is something that is worrying you. Please do not be worriedsmiley. Transition to secondary school is an exciting time and even with the current Coronavirus situation it should still be thought of as a positive.


So for today’s learning I would like you to look at the differences between Primary School and Secondary School. Follow the link to BBC bitesize below and read through.


Task: Make a table and list the differences between Primary and Secondary. Then I would like you to write a short paragraph explaining what you are most looking forward to in Secondary School and what you have liked the most about Primary School. I have attached an example below.

This could be a good time to also research your new school a little bit more by having a look on their school website.

Please post your thoughts on to the blog smiley

Mrs Corcoran