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PSHCE - Part 2

What answers did you get for the questions? 


What do you think an emergency is? 


An emergency is a situation where someone needs help quickly. That person may have been badly hurt in an accident, or they might be ill or unconscious. 



Can you name all the emergency services? 


Fire                             Ambulance                            Police

Coastguard                          Mountain rescue




Look at the pictures below and see if you can sort them into emergencies and non-emergencies



How do you get the emergency services to help?


Watch the short video below on how to call the emergency services

Teaching children how to call 999 in an emergency with Lookout Lion.mp4

Still image for this video

Imagine that there is an emergency in your home: someone you know is hurt very badly.


You call 999 and speak to the operator, who asks you the questions below.


  1. Make up a realistic emergency and fill in your answers to the questions below.
  2. Continue the 999-phone conversation, writing it like a short play script until the ambulance arrives.
    You can use the back of the sheet if you need to.

(When you have finished, see if someone at home will act out the drama with you.)



Take a look at the situations below. 


Can you match the correct emergency service to each situation?