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To explain what responsibility is and why it is important to be responsible.


Use the link below to watch the video about being responsible.


Now read the slides below

Task 1

Now write a list of the things that you are responsible for they could be things at school or at home. Remember these are both responsibilities for yourself and others. (I have done the first one for you)

  1. I have the responsibility not to hurt others


Task 2

Now answer these two questions


1. Why do you think it is important to be responsible? 

2.   If you are not responsible, how do you think it might affect you and other people?



Task 3

Read this......


William asked his mother if he could have a guinea pig, promising that he will take care of it.  His younger sister, Kelly, shares his excitement when he is given a guinea pig for his birthday; she asks if she can help but he says ‘no, you are too young’, and refuses to let her touch the gig.  Kelly creeps into the she where the guinea pig’s hutch is kept and plays with it from time to time.  After a while, William begins to neglect the pig, until his cousin arrives one day and his mother suggest that he shows her the guinea pig. William suddenly remembers that he has neither fed nor cleaned its hutch out for a long time and is cared that it might be ill or even dead. To his surprise, the guinea pig is clan, eel-fed and healthy (Kelly has been looking after it). Kelly doesn’t tell their mother hat she has been doing.


Now, Finish the last picture below.......


Who was more responsible? Why?