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Plan a visit

For a trip to be successful it must be carefully planned! Follow the prompts below to plan out our trip to the National History Museum.



We will need to travel the 207 mile journey by coach. The cost of the coach is £800 plus petrol. Petrol costs 52p per mile. How much will the transport cost? Don’t forget we need to travel back to school as well!

We don’t need to pay to get in as the museum is free therefore no calculations need to be made. J




Once we are at the museum, we will split into groups to look around. Every group needs to be at the picnic area at 12:30pm for lunch. Use the map to plan a route around the museum. Think about the best way route to ensure you see everything, be on time for lunch and have time for the gift shop before we leave at 2:30pm.


Whenever we go out of school, we have to complete a risk assessment. This is so we can identify any risks there might be and how we can make sure they don’t happen. What would be the risks in the museum? Make a list of them and solutions of how to solve them. For example, what would happen if a child got lost? Make a list of risks and how they could be minimised.