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Phonics and Reading

Below is a reminder of what we are working towards in reading and writing in Reception. The Exceeding statements describe what children learn at greater depth.Use the links and activities below to keep practicing these skills. 

Home reading


Here is a link to free e books to support your child's reading.

You will need to sign up and register, but this is a free resource to use.

Simply click on the book you wish to read to log in.

Daily Phonics lessons

Read, Write, INC ...Speed Sound Set 1

Use this video to help you say the sounds correctly.

RWI Set 2 Sounds

Use this video to say the sounds correctly.

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

Can you watch the video then have a go at writing some of these tricky 'red' words?
Can you say/ write them in a sentence?

Read the words below. Can you say/ write them in a sentence? 


the            I             she           he 

Read the digraphs below. How many words can you write containing each digraph?


sh          ch          th          ng