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New figures revealed on the 7th April by the Department of Transport show that only a very small proportion of people in the UK are still travelling during the lockdown period that the government have imposed during the COVID-19 outbreak. Visits to shops, museums and cafes in the UK have fallen by 85% since the coronavirus outbreak, according to data shared by Google. The government has supported Google in using data in this way.

This week we would like you to compare different opinions on ‘essential and non- essential travel’.

  • Look at the resources attached, which shares an extract from the Prime Minster, Boris Johnson’s, letter to the UK and some examples of when people have made journeys during lockdown. Sort them into essential and non-essential. You could do this by writing them down in to a table or on to post it notes.
  • If possible, compare how you sorted the journeys with someone else. Do you agree? Do you think what one person views as an essential journey might be viewed as a non-essential journey by someone else? Why might this be?
  • Focus on the examples again. Are there any where you might need more information before deciding whether they are essential or non-essential e.g. do we need to know more about what is making someone feel unwell before they travel to the hospital?

Mrs Corcoran