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Cosmic Kids

Try cosmic kids! Your children do this exercise every week and they are sooooo good at it! They can follow and listen to the instructions. It’s a favourite with Mrs Williams’ girls - they have just done the ‘We’re going in a bear hunt’ this morning!

Try some of these ideas at home

Rainbow Bear

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Click on a blog title, it will expand and open a dialogue box. If you put a comment and finish it with your name then the grown up will be able to see it. Once it is approved it will show up on the blog. Looking forward to seeing comments on there. 

Mrs Williams will be available to comment Mondays - Wednesdays.


Mrs Burgess will be available to comment Wednesdays - Fridays

Wash Your Hands Song | Music for Kids | The Singing Walrus

Get your children to wash their hands to this!

Sing-along Songs for Kids | The Singing Walrus | 39 Minutes

Super fun catchy songs that your children love

YouTube: The Singing Walrus. The children are great at singing these songs. There’s one for washing hands that we use. Enjoy!

Hello to our wonderful Nursery children.


We are missing you already and want you to keep safe whilst you are off school. Please look after yourselves and your grown ups. Remember to keep washing your hands. It’s very hard to be off school for a long time so we will keep adding ideas for things you can do at home. We know how well behaved you are so keep being ‘good to be green’! It’s important that you try to keep busy, doing lots of talking and playing. Write your name, draw pictures, learn number names, read books and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!! We look forward to hearing all about your learning adventures. 


Love from Mrs Williams, Mrs Burgess, Mrs Deary and Miss Redgrave 

Suggested timetable for home learning

50 things to do before you're 5

Early Years Open Days

Welcome to Nursery! We have a wonderful learning environment that encourages independence and play.  We offer lots of new learning experiences and support your child with their development. They will learn to build new relationships and form new skills, all in a supportive nurturing environment.