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WB 13/07/20

Shout out to Olivia, Phoebe and Shaya! Olivia has been doing some super learning at home, Phoebe has been making some delicious cakes and Shaya has been making some lovely peacock crafts. Well done girls!!

WB 29.06.20

Shout out to Olivia and Nel! Olivia has been working hard with her phonics and Nel has been doing some super maths work at home! Great job!!

WB 22.06.2020

No shout outs this week sad Remember to share your work on the blog to be in with a chance of a shout out next week. 

WB 15.06.2020

A big shout out to Phoebe this week for sharing her learning. She has been a real Collaborative Codie working with her Mummy to colour, read and learn about 3D shapes. Well done Phoebe. 

WB 08.06.2020


A big shout out to Olivia for all her hard work on our new book 'The tiger who came to tea' I would like to come to your house for tea if you get to eat ice cream! Keep up the hard work Olivia, well done! 

WB 01.06.20

A big shout out to all of Nursery for all of their hard work this half term!!! Keep it up! smiley

WB 25.05.20

Shout out to Amelia and Olivia from Nursery Yellow. Amelia has been doing some super "Cosmic Yoga" poses this week and Olivia has been keeping very busy! She has even tried some of Rainbow Bear's challenges. Well done!!

WB 18.05.20

Shout out to Phoebe in Nursery Yellow! She has been baking, listening to our story of the week and doing some of the counting activities on Rainbow Bear's page. Well done!!

Shout out to Yatvik in Nursery Blue! He has been doing a volcano experiment with his brother!! Amazing!!

WB 11.05.20

Shout out to Grayson and Amelia from Nursery Yellow who have been working hard with their work packs. Also to Phoebe who has been doing a super job growing her sunflowers. Well done!!

Shout out to Hattie who turned 4 last Friday!! Hope you had a lovely birthday! Hattie has been doing lots of work, practising her writing and her numbers at home. She has also been doing lots of painting.

WB 04.05.20

Shout out to Alex in Nursery Blue. He has made some super CD fish. He has also been learning to ride his bike without stabilisers. Well done! xx

Shout out to Finley, Amelia and Olivia in Nursery Yellow. Finley has been working hard with his reading, Olivia has been completing lots of work from the Nursery pack and Amelia has drawn a lovely rocket picture. They have all been working very hard! Well done!! xxx

WB 27.04.20

Shout out to Olivia and Noah from Nursery Yellow and Hattie from Nursery Blue. Hattie has been growing cress and learning lots about farms. Olivia has been doing lots of learning at home this week and has even made some tiffin. Noah has also been working hard with his phonics and has been helping to look after his little sister. Well done! xxxx

WB 20.04.20

Shout out to Daisy, Violet and Annabelle from Nursery Blue. Daisy has been working on her phonics and number skills and Violet has done a super picture of a pig. Annabelle has been practising her number writing! Well done girls! xx

Shout out to Phoebe and Amelia from Nursery Yellow. Phoebe has been planting sunflower seeds and Amelia has made a lovely birthday card for her Grandad. Great work xx

WB 13.04.20

Shout out to Olivia

Shout out to Nel

Shout out to Hattie