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Mrs Hussain's group Lesson

We will be continuing our work on decimals this week.

Today you will use decimals to make 1. It is important for you to use the links with number bonds to 10, 100 and 1000. This will support you when finding the other number to make 1.

You can use a hundred square, part-whole models and number lines to support finding complements to one.

To help when working with decimals you could imagine that you are working with money.

Complete the questions and then review your answers by marking with the answers. Mrs Corcoran


What number bonds can you use to help you?

How can shading the hundred square help you find the complement to 1?

How many different ways can you make 1?

How many ways do you think there are? If I add _______, which place will change?

How many can I add to change the tenths/hundredths place?