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This week we are looking at words with the o_e sound in them. 


Have a look at the words below and then use the spelling to see if you can find them in the word search. 

Guided Reading


Take a look at the picture below. 

Predict what you think the seaside was like in the past. 



Finish this sentence:


I think________________



Firstly, for English today, read the story on the pictures below. 


Now you have read the story, What do you think will happen next. 


Write a few sentences to tell me what will happen in the next part of the story. 



  • Capital letters
  • Finger spaces
  • Full stops
  • Use your phonics for spelling. 

Maths - Starter


To help you practise your counting in 10s watch the video below and count along. 

Counting in 10s.mp4

Still image for this video



Now, we are going to think about comparing numbers. Some numbers are larger in value and some are smaller. 


Can you remember what these symbols mean? 


                  <      >      =


Watch the video to help you know which way round the symbols go when we are comparing numbers. 

Comparing numbers.mp4

Still image for this video

Now we know that Charlie Crocodile is greedy likes to eat the bigger numbers we can use these to help us. 


When we are comparing 2 numbers we can use the symbol in-between. 


5           9



5    <     9



9 is bigger so the open mouth is pointing to the 9. 


Try these numbers below. Which symbol would you use?




Sometimes we can have a question on one side.




6 + 3               5


we know that 6 + 3 = 9  so we are working with 


9                     5


Which symbol goes between these numbers? 



9          >           5


6+3      >          5



Now try this question


Now we have practised with single digit numbers we are going to try using 2 digit numbers. 



Tens are worth more than ones. 


So, 40 is more than 30


41 is more than 38     (because we look at the tens first, they are worth more)

41 > 38


Use the digits given below to answer this question



True or False


Tom says 4 tens and 3 ones is greater than 78.

Is he right?



This week we are going to look at how we describe materials. 


What words would you use to describe these materials? 






Did you get ay of the words below? 



To help us describe materials, we can think about these things: 




Have a go at describing the items below.