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We hope you had a lovely weekend. 



Today, make sure you log onto your spelling shed and practise your spellings.


Have a look at the activity below. Read the spelling, cover it up and then practise it.  Check your spelling after each try. 

Guided Reading. 


Have a look at the pictures below. 


What do you think this text is about?



Finish this sentence:


I think ______________



Use the slideshow to read all these words.  Did you get stuck on any? 

If you got stuck try those ones again. 


Then, choose 6 words to use in a sentence.  Can you write a full sentence for these words

Remember to use: 

  • Capital Letters 
  • Full Stops
  • 'and'
Can you find the words in the word search below?



Today we are going to remind ourselves how to add and subtract. 


Watch the videos below to remind yourself how to do this. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Now try the questions below: 



This week we are going to continue with our work on materials. 


Have a look at the Knowledge Organiser below to see what we will be learning about. 


Now, look at the KWL Grid below and complete the first 2 sections. 


K - Knowledge

What do you already now about materials?  Write what you know in here.  You can draw pictures too. 


W - What you would like to know

In this section write down some questions you would like to ask. You can also put these questions onto the blog and see if we can answer them for you. 


L - Learning

Leave this section blank.  We will complete this one when we have finished our learning to see how much we can remember. 

Now use the slideshow below to look at the different materials that objects are made from. 


Remember they can be made from more than one material. 



Look at the pictures below.  What materials can you see in the objects. 

Label the objects to show what materials they are made from. 







Pick an object from your house, draw it, label it with its different materials and then add it to the blog.