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Guided Reading


This week we are going to be looking at data and what this is. 


Data is just information that has been organised into something that is easy to read. It tells us information about something. 


We are going to start by looking at a tally. 


A tally is a way of counting. Here is how we count on a tally:



For each item we draw one stick. When we get to 5 we close the gate to make this little symbol.  


That means that if we have lots of them we can count in 5's to see how many we have, making it quicker. 



Can you answer the questions below about your tally? 


Which item did you have the most of? 

Which item did you have the least of? 

How many forks did you have?

How many teacups did you have? 

How many more cups did you have than forks?