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Good Morning Year 1, hope you had a lovely weekend. Here are your home learning activities for today.


Morning work

Please log into spelling shed and complete the assigned spellings. Remember your login is stuck in in your blue work book or your reading diary.



Last week you learnt all about Tigers. This week we are going to be learning a story. Look at the pictures below.



What do you think our story is going to be about?

Write a sentence in your books. Remember capital letters, full stops, finger space and cursive writing.

I think the story will be about _____________________ because ___________________.




Last week you learned about different coin and the value of each one.

Look at the picture below

What coins can you see?

Today we are going to learn about the other money that you might have seen called notes. These are larger amounts of money.

Look at the powerpoint below, there is a game to play at the end.

Now can you make your own notes out of paper. You will be able to use these in tomorrow’s maths lesson.



Share a book with a grown up

This week we are learning all about the different ways to make the 'ee'  sound. How many can you think of?

Today we are focusing on the special friend ee – What can you see?

Watch the video

Can you make a list of the words with the special friends ee? For example green

Can you write some sentences with these words in?



Starter- Can you name the animal groups we have been learning about so far?

Watch a video about the 5 animal groups

Look at the sheet below

Can you complete the sheet from the information that you have learnt about the different animal groups.

Have a good day J