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Morning Work

Please log into spelling shed and complete the assigned spellings. Remember your login is stuck in in your blue work book or your reading diary.




What do you think we are going to be writing about this week? Look at the pictures below and write some sentences. Remember capital letters and full stops.

I think we will be writing about _________ because _____________.



Can you find half of these numbers?




Last week we looked at finding a half. This week we are going to be learning how to find a quarter. We will start by finding a quarter of objects and shapes.

Watch the video below

Remember when we find a quarter we have to split into 4 equal parts.

With a grown up can you find a quarter of different things in your house. You could use a piece of paper, some ribbon, a piece of fruit or even a biscuit!

Take a photo and put it on the blog to show us!




Share a book with a grown up


This week we are learning all about the different ways to make the 'ay'  sound. How many can you think of?

Today we are focusing on the special friend ay – May I play?

Watch the video

Can you make a list of the words with the special friends ay? For example play

Can you write some sentences with these words in?




Create a mind map – What do you know about animals?

Main activity

Watch these videos

Draw and label the features of mammals and birds. Use the vocabulary list from the knowledge organiser below to help you.

For example - A whale is a mammal. It is warm blooded.

Have a good day smiley