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Monday 15th June

Spend 10 minutes on each website below:

TT Rockstars       -                                                                            

Spelling Shed   -

Mathletics -



Use the video from last week to answer the following questions. We've added the video again so you can watch it again if you need to. 



Use the video to help you answer the questions. We're still looking at shapes but today's lesson is all about identifying right angles.

Guided Reading


Read the text below. Tomorrow you will be answering questions and by the end of the week you should have decided who your suspect is...






Cold task – Write a short paragraph to answer the following questions.


What is pilgrimage?

What is Hinduism

What do you know about the River Ganges.



Have a go at a Joe Wicks work out again - let us know how you got on using the blog