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Good morning! This is the last week of work before the holidays


This week we have got some fun activities for you to do as well as your normal work. 

You might like to put some of your work on the blog so that your Year 2 teachers can see what you have been doing. 




This week we are going to be looking at the 'or' , 'ore' , 'ph' and 'wh' sounds. 


Look at the words below and practise writing each of them.




This week we are going to be looking at more sea creatures. 


Today, we are looking at an octopus. 

What do you already know about an octopus? 


Write down all the facts that you know about an octopus. 



Now, think about what you would like to find out about an octopus. 



  • Capital letter
  • Finger space
  • Question mark



How many tentacles does an octopus have?





Can you find the pattern and fill in the blank numbers? 





Today we are going to look at finding half of a shape 

What is a half? 

How would you split some sweets in half? 

How would you share them out? 


Watch the video below to help you. 


Fractions Year 1 - Finding Half of Shapes.mp4

Still image for this video



Use the shapes below or draw your own. Cut them out and fold them in half. 


Remember you need to have 2 equal pieces (that are the same) for it to be folded in half. 


Guided Reading. 


This week, you are going to pick the books / texts you read. 


Choose a book each day and write a review on the book. 


Say what it is about, what you like about it and if you would recommend it to your friends. 


Use the templates below to help you.  You could use one for all your reviews or use a different one each day.