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Hi all! Welcome to the last week's work on here before the holidays! 




Practise the spellings of the 'or' and 'ar' words.




We are going to stick with our story that we have been using this half term and we are going to look at writing some poetry. 


Out type of poetry is called a Haiku.  Do you know what that is? 


Watch the video to find out more



This week we are going to look at money.  We have already used money and have learnt about the different coins and the value of different amounts. 


Today we are going to look at find the total of different amounts. 


If we are finding the total what do we need to do? 


We need to add the amounts up to find a 'total'.


To find out the total of the teddy and the yoyo, we need to add them up. 


The calculation is: 


£5 + £1 = 


We can work this out to get to the answer £6


Remember to write your calculations down to help you as the numbers will get harder. 


Again for this one, we know that the toy train  = £2 and the football = £2 so out calculation is: 


£2 + £2 = 4



This question is a little more tricky.  It doesn't tell you which items you need to buy.  It does however, tell you to buy one of everything.  What does this mean?


It means, 1 teddy, 1 yoyo, 1 train, 1 football. Our calculation would be: 

£5 + £1 + £2 + £2. 

We then need to add them all up to find the total altogether. 

£5 + £1 + £2 + £2 = £10



This question is a little different again.  This time, you have to choose the items.  You how how much you have to spend and you have to circle three items to find out what you can buy. To do this, we can use trial and error to see what works: 


Teddy, football, train         £5 + £2 + £2 = £9        Did I have enough money to buy these three items?

football, yoyo, train          £2 + £1 + £2 = £5         Did I have enough money to buy these three items?


What other combinations of items can you find for £9 ?




Now try these questions.  Some we have done together. 

Guided Reading


Read the story below.  Then look for the questions underneath. 

Yan feels the his village is boring. 


Find the two words that show that he is bored: 




What will happen is Yan touches the magic ropes? 


Choose the two true sentences: