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Rockstars/ Spelling Shed/ Mathletics


Spend 10 minutes on each of the websites below: 


TT Rockstars -

Why don't you try and get your speed down by 0.1! 


Spelling shed -

New spellings will be set every Monday. Once you have done the games for those spellings - work hard learning some new ones.


Mathletics -

There are loads of tasks and activities to do. Just work your way through them. I can see lots of people have been working really hard! Keep it up.


If you haven't already, why not give numbots a go! 

Use your TT Rockstars username and password.



Listen to part 5 of Supercat vs the Chip Thief.

Answer the questions about the text. 

Once you have finished the questions, check your answers. 

Arithmetic Test

This is your last arithmetic test of Year 4! See if you can get your best ever score!!! 

3 Things

Write 3 things you are most looking forward to in Year 5. 

Share these on the blog. 


Watch the BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson on sounds

Then make your own instrument using  objects in your house or garden. Remember to ask a grown up if you can use it first. Then create a piece of music using rhythm and a pulse. Share pictures of your instruments on the blog.