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Good Morning! 

We hope you had a lovely weekend! 




This week in phonics we are going to be looking at words that include the 'air' and 'ear' sounds. 


Take a look at the list below. Practise each of the spellings. 



Look at the word

Cover the word

Practise the word

Check your spelling



Guided Reading


Watch the video below. 


Make a list of all the facts you know about lighthouses. 

Maddie explains how a lighthouse works.mp4

Still image for this video



This week, we are going to think about writing our own Lighthouse Keeper's story. 


Today, think about what character you would have in your story and what animal would steal the food. 


Use the sheet below to help you plan your story. 

Now you have planned your story, write a sentence about your character in the story. 


Use the example below to help you. 



Now, tell me about your setting.  Where is the animal going to steal the food from you? 

Again, use the example below to help you. 




Today, we are going to think about adding. 


To get our brains started, have a go at these questions below. 

Can you do them in your head? 

Did you use your fingers? 



Now, think about how we add. 


What can you use to help you? 


We are going to do some adding using a number line. 


Use these steps to help you. 





Now, try these questions below





This week in science we are going to look more at the properties of some materials. 

Read through the slides below to remind yourself. 

Today, we are going to investigate some materials by touching, holding and feeling them. 


  • Pick an item in your house. 
  • Feel it, touch it and hold it. 
  • Use the keywords to help you
  • What keywords match the item you are holding? 
  • Write this down on the results table below. 


They keywords are here again to help you.