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The Mean


Today we are learning how to calculate ‘The Mean’. Have you heard this term before? It is used in maths for statistics work. It is a way of calculating the average of a set of numbers. For example, we could find the mean if we wanted to know the average shoe size in year 6. To calculate it, we use a formula: Mean = total ÷ number of items. Look at the PDF file below to find out more

So finding the mean is simple! Just add all the values you are given then divide by how many values there are. If you are still not sure how to calculate it, use your CGP book or post on the blog for more help.

In Year 6, you DO NOT need to know about the medium or mode so please ignore these if you search up the mean on YouTube or the internet. You will learn about these at secondary school.

Answer the questions on your group’s sheet below. All the questions today are fluency questions to find the mean. If you need any help then you can ask on the blog.  

I will upload the answers later today for you to mark your work.

Miss Riley