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Pie Charts with Percentages


Last week, you started your learning about pie charts. Can you remember what a pie chart is? Click the image below to refresh your memory.

Today we are going to focus on percentages representing parts of a pie chart. All you need to do is apply your learning about percentages to the pie chart – it is nice and simple! Think of the whole circle being worth 100%. On easier questions you will be told what the whole circle is worth, i.e. what the 100% is equal to. You can then use your finding percentages of amounts knowledge to find what each section of the pie chart is worth.

As a recap, calculate these percentages of quantities:

Go through the PowerPoint for an explanation of how to apply percentages to pie charts. If anything is unclear, post on the blog and we will get back to you.

Answer the questions on your group’s sheet below. All the questions today are fluency based on ‘Pie Charts with Percentages’. If you need any help then you can ask on the blog.  

I will upload the answers later today for you to mark your work.

Miss Riley