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Read and Interpret Pie Charts.

Today we are going to learn about pie charts. First of all, start off by thinking about what a pie chart is. When have you seen one before? What are they used for?

The whole circle of a pie chart represents 100% all of the data used. So if 40 people were asked their favourite ice cream flavours, then 100% would equal 40. It is always important to know what 100% equals when working with Pie Charts.

A circle is 360° so we also need to remember that 100% is equal to 360°.  

Watch the videos below for an explanation of how to read and interpret pie charts.

Reading Pie Charts - Primary

Interpreting Pie Charts - Corbettmaths

Answer the questions on your group’s sheet below. All the questions are on reading and interpreting pie charts. If you need any help then you can ask on the blog.  

I will upload the answers later today for you to mark your work.

Miss Riley