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Draw Line Graphs


Today you are going to have a go at drawing your own line graph. Watch the video below to learn how to draw a line graph.

How to draw a Line Graph


  • You need to decide your scale first – it must increase by the same amount each time (eg 2,4,6,8 or 5,10,15,20).
  • The y axis will be what is measured, don’t forget to label it.
  • The x axis will be the thing that changes, again it needs to be labelled.
  • Plot all your points carefully first
  • Use a ruler to join your points together
  • Give your line graph a title so we know what it is showing (A graph to show……..)


Choose from the images below which line graph you would like to draw. If you fancy a challenge choose the double line graph. Alternatively, you can make up your own set of continuous data and draw a line graph for it.  


You can either draw them in your book, print out the blank graph paper below or you can follow the link and try to create a line graph using the ‘Create a Graph’ website. 

Post your finished line graphs on the blog – I would love to see how your graphs turn out!  

Miss Riley