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Read and Interpret Line Graphs


For the next 3 days, all Year 6 maths groups are going to be learning about Data Handling. The activities are labelled with your group teacher (Mrs Hussain, Mrs Corcoran or Miss Riley) so you know which are yours to complete.


To start off with, let us recap what a line graph is and why they are used. It is a graph to show changes over time, for example the temperature through a day or the number of school dinners made in a week. It is created by plotting points and joining them with a straight line. They show continuous data.  


Watch the YouTube video to refresh your memory.

Line Graphs - Primary

Still unsure? Look through the PowerPoint below. 

Sometimes, there are 2 lines on the graph. Why might this be? For example, a line graph might show the temperature for a classroom in one day. Here we could plot a line to show the 6 Blue classroom and a line to show the 6 Green classroom. We could then compare the two and see which was hotter (or more likely colder!) and when. For these, you must look carefully at the key so you know what/who each line represents.


Watch the YouTube clip below for a visual explanation. Don’t worry about the bar chart part at the end, we don’t need that for our learning today!

Grade 5 Math #9.4, Line Graphs, Scales and Intervals

Now you’ve learnt about line graphs, it is time for you to try out some questions. Most questions today are fluency based, but there will be a few reasoning and problem solving ones too! I will upload the answers later today.

Miss Riley