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Usain Bolt

In topic this half term, we will be learning about significant and inspiring people in our ‘I have a dream’ topic therefore we are going to link our English work to that. We will focus on a different person each week in our English lessons and plan and write a piece of writing based on that person.

This week will focus on Usain Bolt (a famous Jamaican sprinter) and write a biography by the end of the week based on his life and achievements.

Today, I would like you to watch the video clip to get an insight to Usain Bolt’s early childhood and how he began his career in sprinting. Once you have watched the video clip, answer the questions below.

  • What can we tell about where Usain lived?
  • Why do you think the title of the animation is ‘The boy who learned to fly?’
  • What do we know about Usain from this short introduction?
  • Using evidence from the whole film describe young Usain’s personality.
  • How does Usain feel about this race?
  • Ask what advice would you give to a young Usain?
  • How has the film changed? (sounds, colours)
  • Why doesn’t Usain want to go outside?
  • What do worries do?  Is this good advice?
  • How do you think Usain is feeling as he hears the applause in the stadium?
  • How does he feel as he runs?
  • What do you think he is thinking when he sees his mum?
  • What metaphor does the director use for running?

Mrs Corcoran

  • Do you think comparing running with flying is effective? Why?